What Are Hgh Supplements?

As the hand of the clock moves ever forward people in all walks of life begin to accept their inevitable decline into old age and a limited existence. There is nothing that can be done about this basic capacity of human life. As we grow older we age, become feeble, and then finally we die. This is the normal course of events and things such as this cannot be changed.

The above statements are what many believe to be true. However, they are nothing but beliefs. The true fact of the matter in regards to aging is that we do not have to do so in such a swift steady decline. In all honesty there is a great deal of research that how begun to prove that we do not actually need to “age” much at all. Our bodies are inherently designed to resist the effects of external stress and stimuli. One of the main combatants to the stresses both internal and external that leads to old age is known as human growth hormone (HGH). The scientific name for this hormone is somatotropin.

Somatotropin is responsible for causing the body to repair itself as well as the stimulation it needs to increase muscle mass. This leads to a chain reaction effect within the body that allows it to become stronger, leaner, healthier, and to resist the effects of aging.

When an individual is young they produce large amounts of human growth hormone. At around age twenty the average human being produces between four hundred and five hundred micrograms of HGH. When that same average human being reaches the age of forty they will generally produce around two hundred micrograms. This decline drops drastically after this. If this individual reaches age eighty they will be quite lucky to produce even twenty-five micrograms. This means that between the age of twenty and the age of eighty the average human being will drop over two thousand percent in HGH production. In the interest of making this drop in hormone levels simpler to grasp numerically it is the same as saying a twenty year old human being will have up to, or more than, twenty times as great a production capacity than an eighty year old in regards to HGH creation.

The way to combat this is to reintroduce a higher level of HGH into the body system. A higher level of HGH in the body will allow it to heal and improve itself at an accelerated rate akin to when the individual was younger. There are two methods for reintroduction of HGH that are used currently. The first method is very expensive injections that directly place HGH (synthetic human growth hormone) into the body’s blood stream to act in the manner of human growth hormone. The second method is to utilized products that stimulate the anterior pituitary gland. The anterior pituitary gland is the gland responsible for HGH production.

There are three basic types of HGH supplement. The first type is a spray such as the popular Sytropin. The second is the pill and tablet form such as the highly recommended GHR100. The third are the less popular and vaguely useful dermatological application substances. These latter types are basically rub-on creams.

Whether you use a supplement like GHR100 or not is a matter of personal preference. However, a renewal of strength, vitality, and the desire to live life again cannot be denied. While these supplements won’t turn a ninety year old man into a twenty year old super-stud yet, they can definitely help him become more active.

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