The Benefits of Non-prescription HGH vs. Prescription HGH

Now, more than ever, men and women all over the world are turning to science and discovering the elusive “Fountain of Youth” – non-prescription Human Growth Hormone (HGH), a safe, natural way to reclaim your energy, vitality, and stamina. In the early years of HGH use, a doctor’s prescription was required to use the hormone, and the formulation was not ideal for the purposes of gaining muscle mass or increasing sports performance. Now, HGH is available without a prescription, in a safe, natural formula. The use of non-prescription HGH yields many benefits, including smoother skin, higher energy, and increased immunity against disease and infection. Additionally, non-prescription HGH works with your body’s natural chemistry to burn more fat and heighten your stamina, which means you get better results with less time in the gym.

Why Prescription HGH Will Not Work For You

The human body’s response to prescription HGH differs greatly from its response to the non-prescription variation. Prescription HGH is used in children with Human Growth Deficiency, a condition in which children are unable to produce enough growth hormones to grow properly. However, when a doctor injects prescription HGH into a healthy adult, the pituitary gland receives signals from the brain telling it to shut down and stop producing its natural hormones. In order to safely and naturally activate the brain’s production of its own HGH, you need a precise blend of amino acids and growth factors, which isn’t found among the pills claiming to increase your hormone levels. Studies have shown that HGH is not able to be synthesized in pill form, so it is clear that using so-called HGH pills will not give you the powerful effects of natural human growth hormones.

Why Non-Prescription Sytropin Is The Solution

We have seen why prescription HGH is not the answer, if your goal is to look and feel younger and reap more health benefits from your fitness program. But what about non-prescription HGH? Sytropin is an oral spray which contains the exact proportions of amino acids, homeopathic HGH and growth factors needed to naturally enhance your body’s production of HGH. Benefits of using Sytropin include high levels of natural energy and vitality, improved skin and muscle tone, and heightened performance during physical activity. Sytropin delivers its powerful anti-aging effects without the use of harmful steroids or dangerous additives.

Learn More about the Benefits of Sytropin vs. Prescription HGH

Using Sytropin instead of prescription HGH will give you all the health benefits of the body’s natural growth hormone, without any of the unpleasant side effects or need for a prescription. Using natural amino acids and growth factors, Sytropin works with your brain and body to maximize your fitness efforts. If you’re interested in learning more about the science and studies backing Sytropin, visit Discover how Sytropin can safely, effectively empower your body and become your own “Fountain of Youth.”

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