Should Hgh Injection Be Legal?

HGH which stands for “human growth hormone” and can be found in a product called Sytropin and is great for many as you age and get older. Sytropin is a great product that normally comes in a spray that has many great benefits to the human body as it ages, and is designed with all natural ingredients such as; Glycine that helps to aid memory and much more. Other ingredients found in sytropin are L-Arginine which basically helps and increases potency which is important as you get older. One of the greatest benefits is it enhances the immune system to help fight disease.

Compare this human growth hormone product to insulin in the terms of HGH injections. Insulin is much needed and legal to help those with diabetes to level out their blood sugar in their body, and sometimes many take it in an injectable form to aid in the fast delivery to the body for effective results and fast healing. HGH or sytropin with all of its great benefits to help aid the body of what it loses as you age would be the ideal form of delivery in an injectable form to help fight off disease by building up the immune system a lot faster much like the insulin does for diabetes.

Should injectable HGH be legal? Looking at it in this manner it would lead me to believe that it should be legal because of it’s quick delivery to body to help fight off disease along with it’s other great benefits, and after all, HGH such as sytropin is all natural and will not harm the body but will promote the body’s immune system in a more effective way.

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