Oral Hgh – Performance, Brands and Controversies

Oral HGH is regarded as the next fastest treatment to increase the level of human growth hormone next to the HGH injections. This is used in the deficiency of the natural growth hormone in the body and it is easy to use.

Performance of Oral HGH:

1. The performance of this type of HGH is high in level and easy to use.
2. It is easily absorbed in to the blood stream
3. The result of the medicine is witnessed immediately.
4. They are very natural and are made through homeopathy.

The use of the oral HGH is known as the HGH spray’s. They are administrated in to the body through the mouth. It is taken under the tongue and it is kept there for twenty seconds. Then it is swallowed. In the mouth itself the medicine is sent in to the blood stream. When they go in to the stomach they are easily digested and are absorbed by the liver to produce the insulin like growth factor of type one.

Brands of Oral HGH:

There are many brands of oral human growth hormone spray available at present. Most of them are homeopathically made and they are very effective in performance and there is no side effect. Here we can know about some of the famous oral HGH.

1. Sytropin: It is the most populous drug that is available in the market. It is mainly used to stimulate the growth hormone secretion by the pituitary gland. They are of low cost and easily affordable.
2. HGA: It is the Human Growth Agent, another kind of oral spray that plays its part in releasing the human growth hormone by the pituitary gland in to the blood stream.
3. HGH Precursors: there are some human growth hormone precursors that will initiate the process of the secretion. It is also available in the form of drug that can be orally ingested.
4. Gen F20: it is a pill that is ingested orally. They have a very high performance in the growth stimulation. There is a chance for liver damage as many of the tablets do. But they are less harmful. But when they are used in excess then there is no doubt about a liver damage.

Mostly all of the brands manufacturing oral HGH are made naturally. That is they are made from herbs and they do not cause any defects in the body.
Usage of Oral HGH:

The oral sprays are to taken during the night time as their performance during the night time is high during which the activity of the pituitary gland and the somato tropic hormone is high naturally. They are taken once before bed and once during mid time in sleep. They are taken once in the day time along with food.

Controversy of Oral HGH:

The researches say that there is no way for the blood stream to absorb the materials that are taken orally in the mouth itself. So they say that these oral sprays do not work.

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