Is Sytropin Really Better Than Genf20

Is Sytropin really better than GenF20? Both of these products are Human Growth Hormone supplements that are produced in laboratories to combat aging, increase muscle growth, increase sex drive, and help people feel better about themselves overall. Because they are all natural and do not release foreign chemicals into the body, these are called releasers. This is because they help the body release more of its own hormones and does not add any.

As the human body ages, it produces less Human Growth Hormones, or HGH. This is the naturally produced chemical from the pituitary gland that helps the body grow. While the body is in the growing years, which is approximately until the late teens on average, HGH is produced regularly to help in the growing process. As the body ages, the excretion of this chemical is considerably lower, down to a fraction of the amount produced in the teenage years.

Two widely popular HGH supplements are Sytropin and GenF20. Of course, both of these companies claim to be the best at increasing the HGH output naturally and increasing overall body rejuvenation. If a person was to research each of the products by visiting the prospective websites, they would find that each boasts about pretty much the same effects from using their product.

Independent researchers have tested and reviewed both products and found that the top brand, mostly due to cost, is GenF20. One month supply is approximately $49.95, but the company offers a substantial discount if bought in 4 month packs, which equals to about $37.45 each. They have a 60 day guarantee and offer a free gift with a bulk order.

Sytropin, as far as products use and expectations are concerned, is the best bang for the buck. Although the cost is higher than the competitor, the results make it a much better investment. At a price of $59.95 each and a bulk price of $33.33 for a 6 month order, the overall cost is approximately the same as GenF20. The major difference is that Sytropin offers a 90 day guarantee for its product.

Another note is that Sytropin not only includes homeopathic HGH, but also combines 6 potent growth factors and 8 amino acid releasers. The manufacturer, Speedwinds Nutrition, has established a strong presence in the industry and is FDA approved.

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