Human Growth Hormone Trafficking

There are many people that desire to build healthy, powerful bodies, in a quick efficient manner. Unfortunately, human biology differs slightly between each individual and eventually no matter how hard a person exercises and lifts weight they will reach a wall that they cannot move beyond except in incredibly slow baby steps. These people can sometimes accept this and simply maintain while continuing the slowly building physique they possess naturally. Other people, however, cannot simply cease their desire to grow larger. These individuals will begin taking sports supplements and when those legal, non-prescription forms eventually stop working the decision must be made again.

The step beyond non-prescription supplements is to prescription only ones such as HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and anabolic steroids. Neither of these is supposed to be prescribed except to cure a medical condition, but even if an individual can get labeled (usually in an illegal manner as legal research studies in this regard are few and far between) as a participant in a medical research experiment to get around this they will often find themselves paying exorbitant amounts of money. The reason for this is that prescription medication is expensive in the first place.

The issue of trafficking will come into play in many cases due to this. Whether illegally stolen or sold without a prescription from a crooked doctor or pharmacy technician or purchased online and then resold illegally it does not matter. In many countries these materials are highly illegal to possess without a prescription and the sale of such without certification is obviously illegal as well.

Unfortunately due to the popularity of such substances the trafficking issue will not go away anytime soon. While many can reasonably argue that these substances should not be controlled in the first place due to the horrible side effects being much less prevalent in modern versions of these drugs, such as Sytropin, the law remains the same.

There are legally allowable non-prescription forms of HGH that can be sold such as Sytropin, an oral HGH spray form, that work very well. However, they do take a little longer than prescription versions. This had lead to impatient power lifters harming themselves with illegal substances when they could simply have taken Sytropin or something similar over the counter and built themselves up at a safer more ethical speed.

With the desire for strength, youth, and vitality the human growth hormone trafficking racket will not cease anytime soon. Unfortunately, it seems far more likely that it will increase over the next few years.

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