Human Growth Hormone Abuse

The benefits of Human Growth Hormone have been widely discussed in the news media. These hormones of course have been implicated in major sports scandals. We have all heard about athletes using and abusing Human Growth Hormone, as well as steroids, however there is a positive side to these hormones. These HGH hormones can be used to promote new cell growth, repair tissue and promote new bone growth. One of the hormones that can be used relatively safely is Sytropin. Sytopin is a HGH product and is one of the few that can be used without the use of painful injections. It can help individuals halt the aging process in its tracks. With this particular hormone you are probably getting something relatively safe and effective. It is the one of the few hormones that can be taken orally. Another HGH product that has some benefit is Avotone which can help to reduce or eliminate wrinkles on the skin.

While it is true there are beneficial uses for these HGH hormones, there are also many risks that can not be denied; these include liver damage, psychological damage, aggressive behavior, as well as heart and kidney malfunctions.

Generally Human Growth Hormone is abused by athletes in an attempt to gain a competitive edge. It can also be used by those who wish to gain some height advantage or to increase muscle mass. It is definitely best to be under a doctor’s care when you are using any type of human growth hormone. The benefits of using these substances in most cases do not outweigh the risks. Investigate and discuss human growth hormone seriously with your medical provider before deciding to use them.

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