HGH : Review Of GHR1000 Provacyl, Sytropin, Genfx, Genf20, Z-tropin And Rejuvenate 2000

Growing older is a natural process of life. When signs of aging such as hair loss, sagging skin, a slower metabolism, lower energy levels, and reduced muscle mass, start to manifest, they may trigger feelings of depression that cause a person to actually feel much older. While aging may be part of life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to endure the feeling of being old and unhealthy as our appearance suggest. Aging does not have to become the focal point in life. We actually don’t need to resort to radical and desperate measures just to look younger.

One of the causes of aging is the slowdown of HGH production in the body. HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, is produced by the pituitary gland and makes its way to the liver and various tissues of the body to promote healthy cell growth and development. A decrease in HGH makes it difficult for the body’s cells to maintain a continuous healthy growth. This leads to the appearance of the signs of aging.

In 1985, a biosynthetic version of HGH was developed and the FDA approved its use for the treatment of serious HGH-related deficiencies. By the 1990’s, its potential as an anti-aging remedy was discovered, and HGH therapy gained popularity as a “fountain of youth” to slow down the effects of the aging process.

HGH therapy comes in the form of intra-dermal HGH injections that are expensive and require a doctor’s prescription. It is also available in dietary supplements, which are both safer and cheaper.

Some brands of HGH supplements have gained recognition because of their powerful effects. One of these is GenF20, which helps the pituitary gland produce more HGH and maintain high levels of the hormone. Higher HGH levels mean better overall health. GenF20 works in three ways. First, it mimics insulin by sustaining healthy blood sugar levels, which then results in a reduction of appetite. Second, it improves nerve ending reactions, causing faster metabolism of dangerous fatty deposits in the bloodstream. Finally, it stimulates the activity of amino acids that in turn speeds up the production of growth hormones.

Because of these effects of GenF20 supplements, many have started to consider GenF20 as a huge step in the right direction towards slowing the aging process.

Another HGH supplement that has gained considerable attention is GHR1000. Touted to be one of the optimum HGH releasers available today, it is very popular because of its very perceptible results. Containing a blend of choice natural ingredients, GHR1000 supplements have been shown to result in increased vitality, improved health, a better appearance, and a feeling of youth. After three to six months of taking GHR1000 daily, there have been positive reports from users including increased vitality, weight loss, glowing skin, and a deeper, more peaceful sleep.

For people who are averse to swallowing pills, HGH also comes in sprays. Styropin is one product that offers HGH therapy in a spray. This form of HGH involves spraying Styropin into the mouth just underneath the tongue. Because sprays contain lower therapeutic levels of HGH, it may take a longer time before the effects are seen and felt. However, administering Styropin only takes a minute or so for people who find it physically uncomfortable ingesting tablets or pills.

Styropin, which has been documented in several scientific and medical journals, has been noted to increase the pituitary gland’s production of HGH. An increase in the body’s HGH levels decreases the amount of body fat, boosts lean muscle mass, enhances skin tone and texture, increases vitality, and results in a more restful sleep.

Styropin is less painful and less expensive compared to injections, and it does not require a doctor’s prescription. Because it comes in a spray, it has less potential to cause gastrointestinal discomfort and other side effects.

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