Hgh a Great Anti Aging Asset

From the beginning of time, people have always been interested in extending their life span. In the past 60 years many innovations in medicine have helped increase the average lifespan of a person by several years; most importantly the quality of life has also improved for most people under 63 years of age. Once a person gets into their golden years medicine has mostly been able to increase the life span into the nineties for many people but not so much the quality of life as a young person is able to enjoy. Thus the desire of staying young and healthy has always been sought after; in other words where is the fountain of youth?

Until recently no real tools were available to combat the symptoms of aging. Keep in mind that there have been ways to mask the superficial symptoms for a long time now; plastic surgery and anti wrinkle creams are but a few. Yes! Looking great outside can be very rewarding psychologically but does it really reverse aging? Unfortunately the answer is no! Think of a washed out Hollywood starlet whose face is so tight her teeth so white but can barely walk. In short how can we reverse the clock internally so that our organs return to their youthful state and yes if we could achieve this our skin would also lose those nasty wrinkles. (The skin is also an organ)

Amongst the myriad of new anti aging strategies the one where a person should take less calories than their body requires is the most extreme; this strategy is based on experiments done on lab rats and have shown that in subjects where the caloric intake was limited the life span increased dramatically. This increase in life span was done at the expense of the quality of life; in the experiment the rats that were starved were always lethargic and somewhat depressed.

Amongst the most promising strategies so far to combat the symptoms of aging is the hormonal approach. Although not approved by the FDA to combat the symptoms of aging HGH has been used by many for such a purpose for years. It has become so widely used that it can be obtained throughout the web. HGH has been proven to increase muscle tone skin elasticity and cartilage regeneration. HGH affects every organ in the body; if used incorrectly HGH can be very harmful so getting the advice of a doctor before using it is paramount. Because HGH is so expensive that only few can afford it, a whole new industry based around hgh supplement was created to bring it to the grasp of most. Although HGH supplements are not as efficient as HGH injections they remain a viable option for those who can’t afford the real thing. For less than $60 a month now a person can try an HGH supplement. However, before buying an HGH supplements one must research the products they are considering; a good HGH product should be backed by a 100% money back guarantee. To find out which hgh products are reputable, one should consult an hgh review.

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