The web is buzzing with excitement about GHR1000 a commercially successful hgh supplement. GHR1000 is a growth hormone releaser that has been exponentially gaining popularity amongst all kinds of users from the stay home mom to the professional bodybuilder. Still information on this product is still insufficient for the average consumer to make a wise decision about using it or not.

GHR1000 is a product that is designed to help the body release more human growth hormone into the blood stream. HGH is currently the only hormone that has been proven to reverse many symptoms of aging. Although not recognized by the FDA as an anti aging product many people are currently using it for this purpose. Sylvester Stallone who was caught with several units of hgh while in Australia claims that hgh has done wonders for him and anyone over 40 should consider using it. Unfortunately most people can’t afford to buy hgh injections on a continuous basis as they are very expensive.

Because hgh injections are so expensive GHR1000 came up with an hgh supplement that can also boost the hgh level in the blood stream but on a reasonable budget. Although GHR1000 is not as powerful as hgh injections it remains the best alternative so far for anyone seeking to get the anti aging effect of hgh.

GHR1000 uses natural ingredients such as amino acids so in order to buy it no prescription is required. Because GHR1000 is a natural supplements side effects are unlikely to happen, but still make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

GHR1000 aka hgh 1000 comes in the form of tablets and the usual dosage is 3 tablets per day. Because people differ in weigh sometimes the dosage may have to be adjusted.

GHR1000 can be used for short stature but only if the patient is still growing. Once a person’s bones fuse he or she can no longer get taller. The use of GHR1000 by children must be discussed with a physician first.

GHR1000 works for some people but for other’s it does nothing; although this might be related to dosage; at the moment we are not sure why. To really find out if GHR1000 will work for you the only way to find out is to try it for at least 5 months.

To get the full benefits of ghr1000 one must be very patient as it takes time for the levels of hgh in the blood stream to reach the optimal level. Keep in mind that this optimal level must be maintained for a long time in order to see the full effects thus taking the supplement continuously is required.

Anyone who is starting to feel the aches of aging and does not want to feel down should consider hgh injections if they can’t afford them then they should consider using a reputable hgh supplement such as ghr1000 genf20 or Sytropin.

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