GHR1000 Review — What is HGH and What Why Do We Need It

Human growth hormone AKA HGH, Sytropin, Somatotropin or Growth hormone made its way to the attention of researchers in the year 1956. In the past before HGH was manufactured the only way was to extract it from those that had died which is not exactly a sexy way of obtain it. Because it took many pituitary glands from dead people to get enough HGH for a single person to be treated HGH was set aside for very specific medical conditions. Once a person was prescribed HGH it was only for very severe medical deficiencies especially in children. It was then injected into living humans with needles. Because HGH was obtained from cadavers many people that used it contracted Creutzfeldt Jacob disease a disease that attacked the brain and destroyed it. Creutzfeldt Jacob disease is similar to mad cow diseases in the bovine kingdom. At the time using this kind of HGH for anti aging would have been silly especially with the deadly risk if anything could actually shorten life by decades.

The past few decades have seen much research and development when it comes to human growth hormone and much more is known about it than when it was first discovered. HGH is now made in labs using recombinant DNA technology which if done under the stringent standards of the FDA should be very safe and free from contaminants whether they are proteins, viruses or bacteria.

Now that HGH injections have become relatively safe many people are considering its anti aging benefits. To clarify it is thought that much of the aging process has to do with the decrease in production of human growth hormone. Once we reach adulthood, HGH production decreases at a rapid rate.

When you are 21 years old, normal levels of HGH circulating throughout the body is said to be around 10 milligrams in each deciliter of your blood. At 61 years of age those levels have decreased by nearly 80% with just 2 milligrams per deciliter. Scientists believe that human growth hormone is essential to cell, organ, muscle and bone growth. It is thought that once you reach the age of thirty it is the decreasing levels of human growth hormone in our system that causes us to age.

Researchers tell us that once we hit the magic age of 30, the rate of secretion of human growth hormone in our bodies decreases by about 14 percent each decade. When a person reaches the age of 80, most don’t have enough human growth hormone to even create a fingernail. This may be why when a senior citizen experiences an injury it takes a longer time to heal.

GHR1000 can help you avoid all the signs and symptoms of aging when taken at the recommended dosage. It is not human growth hormone per se; it is packed with powerful ingredients that stimulate the body’s brain naturally into making more of this “magical” secreted hormone that can easily be likened to the human body’s equivalent of the fountain of youth.

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