Are Human Growth Supplements Safe to Use?

There will always be questions asked about the safety of consuming human growth hormone supplements, and whether they might harm us when taken. Does Sytropin work? Are HGH supplements legal? True to every medicinal and health supplement on the market, there are both proponents of taking these supplements, as well as advocates who suggest erring on the side of caution. The latter claim, that there are still unanswered concerns about the substance. They also believe that, without proper advice and direction from doctors, one should not administer them ourselves.

Those are definitely legitimate concerns. If you have read about the health benefits of human growth hormone supplements, of which there are many, and wish to try it to experience them, it is best to research more about the subject matter before making any decision. This is to avoid side effects which might apply to any medical condition that you might have which will not react well to having the substance being introduced to your body.

One has to understand that human growth hormone is present in all of us in different quantities, depending on your body's overall health and the various internal organs. The substance is mainly a product of your pituitary gland. This means that if your pituitary gland is healthy and working well, production of human growth hormone should be of normal quantities, which is generally a good sign. But the more important point here is that the substance is something that occurs naturally within us, and it assists in important internal bodily functions such as metabolism and muscular development.

If our bodies experience an abnormal level of human growth hormone, such as lower than required levels, then we will suffer from side effects. These include a slower rate of growth and development, and we would be fatigued faster than most normal human beings. This is exacerbated by the fact that the quantities of the substance produced drops drastically as we age, which is why humans age in the first place. Sagging skin, stunted growth and just about every sign of aging is related to decreasing levels of human growth hormone produced by our pituitary gland.

With HGH a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, it would mean that it is not something that is foreign to us. However, we might have to observe caution and discreteness in the amount of external HGH that we choose to introduce into our bodies. There are studies that have shown that patients suffering from a distinct level of the substance have found that their energy levels increase dramatically when they are provided with additional HGH. They also claim to experience other benefits such as new found youth and reinvigorating changes to their skin and body. These are all very encouraging to others, but doctors must always be consulted as to their suitability of usage.

As with any other supplementation available, the real problems come when it is abused and taken in excessive amounts. Such abuse generally takes place in professional sports, which has led to unwanted negative connotations associated with HGH supplements. That is not necessarily a bad thing, as it also means that certain levels of control are normally instituted in administering the substance to individuals who wish to use it.

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